Michael Haynes

Mike Haynes co-founded the Haynes Group with his brother Bryan Haynes in 2001 with the idea of combining quality construction and project management with a level of personalized service beyond anything available in the industry. Mike attended Bridgewater State University and Northeastern University receiving a Certificate in Construction Management. 

The Haynes Group, located in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts has a robust in-house design-build pre-construction team that works closely with architects to reduce or eliminate issues. Mike has extensive expertise working with integrated technologies and has the proven ability to be effective when dealing with feasibility, layouts, test-fit plans, budgets, construction drawings, and lease negotiations

If you are interested in how different components come together to make a building work, a job in construction could be right for you. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and many more trades – construction has it all!

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