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This is not your father’s construction industry; it is high-tech, rapidly evolving, drives the economy and allows other industries to flourish.

Construction shapes the world around us and its processes, techniques, and scale have all changed drastically in recent years. There would be no breakthroughs in medicine and science without world-class hospitals, laboratories and research facilities built by contractors. Unlike many other professions, when you build something, the results are extremely tangible.  You can see it, touch it, feel it and on top of this every building is unique.  It’s a prototype unlike anything else.  You’re not making widgets.  Your name is on something that’s different from anything else…it’s pretty cool.

The construction industry offers great careers – including earn-while-you-learn opportunities – that don’t require massive college debt.

So why aren’t more people pursuing construction careers?  Our society has promoted a four-year degree as the only path to success. Many students aren’t connecting their classes to a career and employers say current college graduates lack the skills needed for the jobs that are available. More educators now recognize that there are a variety of paths to a successful career.

Construction is financially rewarding without massive college loan debts. 

Construction careers promise sustainable employment with long-term advancement opportunities.  Many skilled tradesmen and women make $85,000 per year, and have the potential to earn considerably more.  Individuals can also advance their career path by becoming a foreman, project superintendent, project manager, estimator or company owner. 

Construction is the largest employer in the world and is projected to grow 70 percent by 2025.

With only one new apprentice entering the industry for every five retiring workers, there is a pressing need for new talent.  According to current data, there are as many as 19,000 current Massachusetts job openings in the following trades:

  • Bricklayer = 4,251
  • Carpenter = 14,165
  • Electrician = 7,698
  • HVAC Technician = 2,102
  • Insulator = 2,021
  • Ironworker = 3,216
  • Laborer = 19,610
  • Millwright = 3,354
  • Painter = 2,499
  • Pipefitter = 5,159
  • Plumber = 2,305
  • Roofer = 2,737
  • Sheet Metal Worker = 3,922

There has never been a better time to start a career in construction! Check out some additional construction facts here.

If you are interested in how different components come together to make a building work, a job in construction could be right for you. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and many more trades – construction has it all!

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