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In several ways.  First, you will get an educational foundation that you can apply to any construction trade….100 hours of core construction curriculum that is applicable whether you choose to be an electrician, plumber or laborer, or any other trade.  This is a pre-apprenticeship program in conjunction with the Gould Construction Institute, and the education hours will count toward the mandatory apprenticeship requirements in the licensed trades, so that is an important leg up.  You will get additional training and credentials that are often required in construction – OSHA 10 hour safety certification and Hot Works training and certification for safely dealing with work that produces flames, heat and sparks.  Also, you will meet locally-based contractors who will discuss their businesses and career opportunities.  

There are opportunities throughout the industry including licensed trades (such as electrical), unlicensed trades (such as carpentry), project supervisors and managers for general contractors and subcontractors, estimators, marketing and business development and more.  The demand has never been greater.  650,000 ADDITIONAL WORKERS ARE NEEDED TO MEET DEMAND IN 2022 ALONE.  Construction offers long-term careers with family-supporting wages and opportunities for advancement.  Workers in the licensed trades are often earning six-figure salaries.  You can earn a great living with a rewarding career without college debt.  In construction, college is not a requirement. 

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If you are interested in how different components come together to make a building work, a job in construction could be right for you. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters and many more trades – construction has it all!

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